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THE FILMMAKER CHRISTIAN SCHUMACHER Finishing art-school, Schumacher directed and wrote commercials (TV and cinema). Three of his early films have been screened worldwide by the german goethe-institut.
Schumacher then put his focus on co-producing and directing TV-films, such as the international arte-docudrama MARY AND MARY, a dramatic story of a false painting of the french queen Marie Leczynska, followed by a thrilling and highly artistic film about dignity after death EL NEGRO, finally the very succesfully arte-screened production THE OTHERS, which puts a harsh focus on what it needs to drive slavery.
Schumacher completed his skills by directing TV-serials and TV-movies. From his early directing years until today Schumacher cares about films with a strong message. He holds exclusive filming rights on THEO – a story about risk and love. This silverscreen biopic will tell the true and touching story of a 18 th century scientist, who risks eyelight and mind in visual experiments and, after his second birth, learns to see and live again.
With his berlin-located production he invested years of fundamental research on HEAVEN&EARTH, which made him meet and interview all living deportées in france, holland, norway, poland and germany.
After six years of preparation Schumacher is now going to direct his first international movie for the silver screen: HEAVEN&EARTH.


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